Christmas Meal Food Boxes


Each year the Cathedral, through your generosity, partners with the Cincinnati Society of St. Vincent de Paul to provide Christmas meals for local families. The boxes arrive at the beginning of December and with the help of our Conference of Vincentians, they get folded, shopping lists get placed inside each box and the boxes get transported upstairs to the church. The faithful are asked to take a box (or more if they are able), shop for the items on the list inside each box and return the meal box on or before December 8. 

The empty boxes and food lists will be available in church the weekend of November 30/December 1. Please shop for the items and return the boxes filled with food on or before the weekend of December 7/8.

As you can imagine, we need all of the help we can get to make sure 100 boxes are ready, distributed and returned in time to provide Christmas meals for our neighbors in need. If you would like to help prepare the boxes for this project, please call the Cathedral Office at 513-421-5354. Otherwise, look for those boxes at the beginning of December! And invite your friends and family to get in on the giving!