Collection for the Poor


On the fourth weekend of every month, unless there is a previously scheduled Archdiocesan collection, we take up a second collection at the doors that we call the Collection for the Poor. Every penny of this second collection goes to support our Cathedral/St. Xavier Conference of St. Vincent de Paul and the good work they do in the downtown and Over-the-Rhine neighborhoods. Often they stretch those boundaries to include help for the West End neighborhood.

The volunteer Vincentians, meet every Saturday morning, here at the Cathedral at 9:00am. They pray. And then they serve. Each Saturday they visit anywhere from ten to twelve families or individuals who have called requesting emergency assistance for help with paying rent or utilities. Sometimes folks need food or clothing or furniture. No matter the need, one thing is for sure - each family or individual gets to experience Christ's love on that Saturday morning.

Please be generous to this monthly collection. If you receive our envelopes, there is a special one just for this purpose. If you are visiting and want to share in spreading Christ's love, click here to donate to our Cathedral/St. Xavier Conference of St. Vincent de Paul.